God Is Faithful!

My life before salvation was a mish mash of rebellion and disobedience. When I hit rock bottom I met Jesus.. He picked me up, had me to be still for a season, then He sent me out to the unknown. This is not something new that God does. In Genesis 12:1, God sends Abram out; in Genesis 12:4, Abram goes (obediently). 

God sent me out to an unknown future.. A future that turned out to be better than any I could have planned for myself. 

Fast forward to today.... After my husband's death, God put me in a place of "stillness" again so that I could heal. This stillness was not the result of disobedience but rather a result of God's amazing love. 

As I waited on God, I realized that He was leading me to an unknown future once again. Like Abram, I didn't know where I was going, only that God would show me. 

If I have learned anything at all during these past years, it's that God IS Faithful! 

As a result of my obedience to Him, I am now secure in a new church home, with a new pastor and a new family (been there over a year now). There is no greater support group outside of the family of God. 

My prayer for you today is that you have followed God in obedience, even to the "unknown", so you can experience for yourself, His Amazing Grace... 
but if you haven't, please consider it right now.. 
God Has A Plan
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