God's Promise

I am pretty sure that everyone, Christian or not, has heard the account of Noah's Ark, the flood and the rainbow. However, you may be the very person reading this that has never really seen what God really said. 

Here in East Texas we get a lot of rain showers throughout the year. Some with thunder and lightning; some with heavy rain and some that lasts for days. Even as a child it was always exciting for me to see the rainbow that would appear after the rain. I remember well that my mom used to tell me that the rainbow is a reminder to us that God will never destroy mankind with a flood ever again. And that my friend is something that I carried in my heart for so many years.. 

As an adult believer, I learned that even though what mom told me, there was so much more to that scripture. Genesis 9:11-17 gives the account of this event... God's covenant with Noah and "all living flesh" on the earth. But wait.... take a closer look at verse 15. God said (speaking of His bow) "I will remember my covenant between you and me and every living creature of all flesh...." 

The life changing words here are "I will remember"! 

This is a promise from God and every time He sees His rainbow, it reminds Him of His promise. Think about how many rainbows you have seen in your lifetime. Now then, if every time you saw a rainbow you were reminded of God's promise, good for you. 

My prayer for you today is that from this point on, whenever you see a rainbow, you will remember that God put it there as a reminder to Himself, and take time to simply say "Thank You God".. 

Always remember, God DOES keep His promises....in His time and in His way....
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