What or Whom Does Your Personality Reflect?

Everyone has their own style of doing things…I know women who when given the same exact recipe, all make it different. Why is that? Because they all add their own little something to it. They each have their own way of cooking and I promise you that just by tasting the results, I can pretty well know who prepared which dish. 

We can see this sort of thing almost daily as we become more and more aware of our world around us. Take artwork for example…. Down through the ages, masters have created artwork that can be identified just because of “their style”, be it a brush stroke or a carving, they all reflect the one who has created it. This is seen not only in cooking, or artwork, but is also seen in everything from home design, landscaping to designing the cars that we drive…..

So what does each masterpiece reflect? Think about this for a moment and then let’s talk….how about the fact that they each reflect their designer? 

What is it that “you” do that others see a reflection of? Who’s reflection do they see? Consider the “style” that you have been created to be. Your personality has been created by the “Master Designer” with the purpose to “reflect” Him. 

In what ways does your personality and/or life style, reflect the One who created you? 
Do others see His reflection in you? 
If not, why not?
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