What Do We Really See?

On a trip into town, my husband and I passed by an apartment complex where we saw a couple of police cars and some people standing around. We were only able to view this scene for less than thirty seconds, however the result has made an impact on both of our lives. 

You see, even though we both saw the same crime scene, we saw "different" things. He focused on the damage to the car....apparently the entire side had been pelleted with bullets. 

As we continued driving down the road, he was explaining in detail what he saw; asking me what I thought about all the damage on the side of that car, and wondering what kind of gun caused it. 

But I never saw the damage to the car....my focus was on the woman standing there with her hands cuffed behind her back. When I asked him what he thought may have happened with her, he simple said, "I never saw her." 

So why has this seemingly insignificant incident made an impact on our lives? 

The answer is this: 
Here we have two people, viewing the same exact scene, yet both are seeing it differently. Our focus was divided....his on the car, mine on the woman. It brought my thoughts to the Gospels. Here we have four different men, all whom had walked with Jesus, all whom had seen the same things; however.....their focus was different. 

What do you see when you look at Jesus? 
What is your focus as you read His word? 
What do you really see, when you see Him?
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