Training Wheels

Whenever we are out camping, I always ask God to show me HIM in a new way....well, yesterday, He did just that.....My wonderful James and I (and of course our Mollie!) were taking an evening walk and there was a dad and his daughter....she must have been about five years old.....she had training wheels on her bike, and her dad was helping to balance her as she peddled her way around the camping loop. 

I noticed, as they passed, that he really wasn't even touching her bike but instead he just held his hand over the handle bars for that "just in case" moment should it arise.... I thought about what I'd just witnessed as we continued to walk.... 

As God spoke to me, here is what I heard Him say: Sometimes in our spiritual life, we need to rely on "Training Wheels"....I am always there with you, "just in case" you lose your balance....and should you fall, I will be there to catch you......" 

I asked God at that moment: "But Father, when can I get rid of the Training Wheels? Will I ever be able to just "go it alone"?" 

His revelation to me is this: 
There will always be times when we may forego the training wheels, and then there will be times when we need to use them.....relying on God is always the best way to with that thought, I think I'll just keep my training about you? 

 Living By Grace, Marti
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