The Sound of Love

Have you ever wondered what “love” sounds like? Looking to the Bible for an answer, I came upon this: 

In John 20 we see Mary returning to the tomb of Jesus, after His death, to express yet another action of love, to prepare His body properly for burial. Upon the discovery of the empty tomb she began to weep…and then it happened….she heard a voice, but she did not recognize it until she heard her name spoken…”Mary”….was all He said. 

Was that the “sound of love”? You decide. 
Of what did the sound of her name remind her? 
Could it be that in that instant she remembered that Jesus had delivered her from the anguish of demon torment? 
Could it be that the love she had seen Him show through many healings came to mind? 
Could it be that with the sound of His voice she still felt the pain in her own heart as she watched what was left of His human body hang on that cross just a few days before? 
Could it be that at the sound of her name coming from the lips of Jesus, she was reminded of His love for her? 
Could it be that this is the “sound of love”? 

When I think of Mary's response to her Master's voice, I am reminded of the example that Jesus so lovingly gives us about the sheep knowing the Shepherd's voice. 

In all the "busyness" of today, I often wonder if we as a people really take the time needed to "listen". 
I wonder…how are we listening for the “sound of love” today? 
How do I listen for the “Sound of Love”? 
In what ways do you listen?

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