The Saddle

While cleaning out her garage, my aunt came across the saddle that my cousin and I used to ride in as children. That was forty years ago and time had obviously taken its toll on this once useful piece of equipment. I carried it home with the same amount of care that I give to my custom-made saddle that I now use. 

My husband just shook his head in doubt as I began to work on my new found treasure. It took several days, but with repeated applications of oils, the old saddle began to take on a new look. The leather was becoming pliable again and it appeared to have new life now. 

Sometimes our lives can be just like that old saddle….dry and lifeless. How many times has someone shaken his or her head in doubt, possibly thinking that we were a lost cause? But, then the love of God begins to saturate our life; His forgiveness goes deep and before we know it, His grace has restored us to a useful life once again. 

Just like that old saddle that had long lost all resemblance of what it used to be, with just the right amount of love and care it was restored and became useful once again….just like that old saddle, you can be restored too.  
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