The Choice

How many times have you had your school aged child come to you asking, “Mom, what does this word mean?” How do you answer that question? You are now faced with a choice. 
The easiest of course would be to simply give them the answer and send them on their way….but, what have they learned? Or, you can tell them to go look it up in a dictionary. Now, what have they learned?

They have learned not only the meaning of the word in question, but also how to look it up for themselves. 

They have learned how to use the Dictionary as well. They have seen the word in print; seen how to properly spell it and perhaps even learned how to apply it. 

Isn’t it just the same principle when it comes to God’s Word? We can tell people all the answers, but what have they learned? Some particles of truth, yes, but what else have they learned? 

Have we taught them “how” to use a Bible? 
Have we taught them “how” to look up the Scriptures for themselves? 
To see God’s Word in print? 
To see how the scripture can be applied to their life? 

Or, have we denied them the blessing of seeking God’s truth through prayer and by the leading of the Holy Spirit as they study? 

The choice is yours…..
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