Taking A Stand

There she stands…with all the boldness that a fourteen month old can muster up! She is standing her ground and there is no sight of her budging one-way or the other… It’s amazing to me how one so small can be so firm on what she believes. Right now, she believes that those “nick-knacks” on Grammy’s shelf should be in her little hands…to examine and to play with. 

Now I find it to be my task for the day to convince her that those precious “artifacts” are not to be played with, but instead, “can we just look”? 

I admire her determination, however, and watching her causes me to wonder, do I take a stand like she does on anything in my life? 

The Bible tells us in Daniel Chapter Three, about three young boys that would not be swayed from their belief and their commitment to God. They took a stand to the point of being thrown into a furnace that held certain death for them. They had a choice to make…bow down and worship the golden image and live, or stay faithful to the one true God, and face a gruesome death. For these three, there was no choice at all…. compromising their loyalty was not an option. 

Now we know from reading the rest of the story that because of their stand, they were in fact thrown into the fiery furnace, but God….God in all His wisdom and majesty, delivered them… 

So now as my thoughts turn back to MaKayla….my heart is filled with the challenge set before me to direct her determination into taking a stand for something positive…taking a stand for that one thing that has eternal value…”taking a stand for God”…. 

What are the issues in your life that you are taking a stand for? What values do they hold for you? Are they “Temporal” or “Eternal”? And does the stand you take glorify God? 

Why not re-evaluate where you stand with God right now. It could mean the difference between life and death… think about it….
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