Stop - Look - Listen

Every time I drive to town, I cross a railroad track….now keep in mind that most of the time I drive on the back roads of our rural community….less traffic that way, and more time to commune with God.. 

As a very young child, I can remember the lessons we were taught that at EVERY Rail Crossing we were to obey the sign….a BIG X that read: STOP; LOOK; LISTEN. Today most of our rail crossings now have gates that come down so you are protected. 

However, today, as I crossed “carefully” over the rail crossing, I saw the familiar white cross and immediately realized what would happen if I “didn’t obey….. As I pondered this reality, God spoke clearly to me saying, “That’s what I expect from you.
 “Say WHAT?” 

It became so clear to me…..all God wants from any of us is to “Stop” what we are doing; “Look” to Him; and to “Listen” to what He is saying. 

Excited about this revelation (although not new, but refreshed in my heart), I call my sister…… I asked her, “What do you do when you come to a railroad crossing?” Her reply was, “Well, sometimes I slow down as I look and then I go on.” 

WOW…..isn’t that just like our Christian walk?! So many times, we are on our way to somewhere or something and we only slow down at the “crossings”…..we might take a quick “look”, but then we go on without ever taking the time to “listen”. 

This leads me to a question…not only for myself, but for you “today”….. 

Are you stopping long enough to look for God and how He is speaking to you? And if you are, do you take the time to “listen”? 

As you go about this day….think about it…STOP what you are doing….LOOK” to God for your needs……”LISTEN” to what He is saying to YOU. 

Now then, the rest is up to you…in what ways are you going to apply this truth to your life? 

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