Seems like that is the word for the day and perhaps for the new year....SIMPLIFY! My James and I were discussing this very thing last night and the fact that the "simple life" has become a thing of the past. I'm old enough to remember cow trails that were used for roadways; sitting on the front lawn, sipping iced tea and waving at some folks driving by the old farm house. Sometimes they would stop their car; leave it in the road, and come over and "sit a spell". Life was indeed simple back then....folks talked "face to face" and on on Facebook. Social Networking meant we would be having a Church Social come next fort night!!

I often think that our Amish friends have it right....theirs is a hard life, yet simple.... 

With the new year just a few days away, I am looking to new ways to make my life more, shall we say, "simple".... I can't speak for everyone, but hey, wouldn't it be nice to just stop by and "sit a spell" and enjoy some coffee/tea or Hot Chocolate? 

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