How Do You Use What You Have

Recently I had an opportunity to be among my county’s finest citizens. There were three hundred of us crowded in a room where we waited, and waited and waited together. Yes, our time had come to serve as prospective jurors. I always find this as an interesting time…I love to watch and listen and to learn. 

The conversation going on behind me caught my ear as a man and woman were discussing their collage children. The gentleman (a doctor) was going on about his “A” student who was continuing her education in getting her Master’s degree. While the woman (also a professional) simply made this statement concerning “her” daughter….”Its not that she is an outstanding student, but it’s the “way” that she uses her information.” 

I thought to myself, “what a profound statement”. My thoughts quickly took me to God’s Word as I applied what I had just heard. “Its not that I am a great Biblical Scholar, but it’s “how I use my information.” 

We are not all at the same place in our walk with Jesus, and we should never think that we are not as spiritual as someone else. 

It’s not “how much knowledge we have about the Bible, but instead it ’s “what we do with the information that we have”! 

How are “you” using the information that “you” have?
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