Giants in the Land

We all face them, some on a daily basis, some just once in a while, but nonetheless, we “all” do face “Giants” in our life. Giants come in all sizes…some are big, some are small, and some are easier to conquer than others, but every Giant that we face, does leave their mark on our life. 

We learn a lot from Giants, and, I suppose that is why they are necessary to our spiritual health. For without Giants, we may never learn how to fully rely on God. Facing a Giant doesn’t require strength it requires wisdom.
“Wisdom you say? How can that be?” 

The answer here is simple…when we try to fight our giants with our own strength we are destined for failure. However, by allowing God to fight for us is where the wisdom comes in. God’s ways are not our ways, and understanding how God works in the various trials that we face does not always make sense to us. 

Therefore, “wisdom is knowing the right thing to do, and then doing it.” And the right thing for us, as Christians, is to cling to God through prayer and the study of His Word; the right thing for us to do is to nurture our relationship with Him, to follow Him even when the going gets tough, and to love Him with all our mind, soul and spirit… 

Are you allowing God to fight your Giants? If not, why not?
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