First Pray Then Obey

First Pray -Then Obey

As I consider “today”, it looks like a lot of us are lacking in motivation and discipline. YIKES!! Can I just add ME to the list?! I'd like to blame it all on the weather....HOT in Texas, well, in most of the USA...especially in the south, amen?! 

So that brings us to the question...What do we do about it? Or more directly, what am "I" going to do about in "my" life today? After a restless and sleepless night, the thing I don't want to do is to get up....but I must, and I keep telling myself that the longer I stay in bed, the more "time" that I'm stealing from God...yes, "stealing"! God has been so faithful to give me "time"....time to serve Him...time to worship Him, and time to accomplish all that He has planned for me... So I confess.....I'm a thief! 

The real problem here is that I am bound by the things of the world therefore my focus is not where it needs to be.. I know from experience that when I put God first, everything else works out.. Matthew 6:33 promises us that if we seek the things of God FIRST, then every thing else will come.... 

Once I get it in my head that "FIRST I pray", then the order of my day is just that...."in order"... and knowing that God is a God of "order", I soon recognize when the enemy is messing with me. All those "things" that continue to creep up and keep me from my "time with God", most of the time are subtle attacks...and if that doesn't work, then he (satan) starts on my mind....."you have to do this and you have to do don't have "time" for God right now".... and if I fall into that trap and believe the lie, then my day is over and what have I done with my "time" for God? Not a thing... 

So what is my point? Simply this...... I can choose to allow God to motivate my day...and I can choose to obey His calling upon my's my choice.....and for you, it's yours....what will it be "today"? 
First I pray.....then I obey....the rest is up to Him..... 

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