Are You An Andrew

In Scripture, we always see “Andrew” bringing someone to Jesus. In the book of John (1:42), Andrew first brings his own brother “Simon Peter” to Jesus; then as we read on in chapter six, he brings a young lad to Jesus as well. In chapter twelve Andrew is bringing yet some others who’s desire was to see Jesus. 

The name “Andrew” means to be “enduring" and/or "brave”, and its no wonder. The anointing of God was visible in Andrew’s life and he not only spent time with Jesus, but he continually was telling others about the long awaited Messiah. This took not only "endurance", but in many instances, bravery. 

Considering this, my thoughts are directed to my own relationship with Christ. In what ways am I an “Andrew”? Or perhaps what the question should be, “am I an ‘Andrew’ at all”? When was the last time that I brought someone to meet Jesus? In what ways am I allowing Him to use me in His ministry? 

This same question is the one that I am posing to you today. Are you an Andrew? Are you applying the anointing that God has provided for you, to bring someone to meet Jesus? As you examine your own heart, won’t you allow the Holy Spirit the freedom to guide you daily as you “go and tell”…. 

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