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sarahTP1AUGUST 2, 2017

As I watch my granddaughter riding her new horse, the importance of their relationship comes to mind. She is just getting to know him; how he responds to her touch and how obedient or lack thereof he is.
She has learned that before she can accomplish anything with him that this relationship has to be on a firm foundation...
That means a lot of walking and a lot of circles.... Circles to teach him that it's okay to go slow and that he can do it...

As a new believer in Christ, she also needs to establish a firm foundation with God.
It's really the same... getting to know God; how He responds to her life choices, and how obedient she is willing to be to Him.
It will take her a lot of walking with Him on a daily basis.
It will take a lot of circles for her to learn to depend on God and to take in all that He is teaching her... Going slow so she can hear His voice and respond in obedience...

I look forward to seeing how her relationship with Two Paw grows and even more than that, how her relatioinship with God grows as well...

I love you my Sarah

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