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I love sharing what God has done in my life and the lessons that I have learned from each experience whether good or bad. There are many lessons that I have and am still learning. It's only been by His Grace that I can sit here today and without a doubt know that I am forever secure in His Love.
This blog is simply an avenue for me to share my heart felt thoughts from scripture as well as from my every day moments…My prayer is that there will be a small nugget of hope and encouragement that you can apply to your life as well.
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Thursday, December 1, 2016, 03:34 PM
As a child growing up, I could always tell exactly what my mother was thinking just
 by the way she looked at me.  There were several “looks”; some I saw more than
 others, and to this day they are imprinted within my mind’s eye.
There were looks that said:
“You’d better think twice about that.”
“You just wait until I get you home!”
“Are you okay?”
“I love you.”
We have all seen one or more of those looks, have we not? 
What about our Savior?  What about the “look” that He gave to Peter?
Luke 22:61a  says…..And the Lord turned, and looked upon Peter.
Read in context, we know that this happened just after Peter had denied knowing
 Jesus, not once, but three times just as Jesus had told him he would.
Just for a moment, try to imagine what that look was like.  What did it say?  Could it
 have said, “Peter, you have broken my heart?”, or “Peter, I am extremely
 disappointed in you.”, or maybe it said, “Peter, I love you ‘anyway’.”
Fast forward to today….I wonder… 
What kind of look does Jesus give to me today? 
In what ways have I broken His heart?
In what ways have I disappointed Him?
Does He say, “I love you…anyway.”?
Father, I come before You in Jesus’ Name, to ask for Your forgiveness of the many
 times that I have disappointed You and broken Your heart.  As well, I thank You for
 the way that You love me unconditionally…Guide me Lord in Your ways, that I can
 stand before You with raised head and know that I did my very best for You.
In Jesus’ Name…Amen  
©LBG Marti


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